The One Unique Food Truck In Maine Where You Can Eat Wild Hotdog Fusions

We have this little thing in Maine that we love that is unlike anywhere else in our country. It is a little weird, we understand, but we grew up with it so it just makes sense. What we are referring to is, of course, our infatuation with the red snapper. Delicious hot dogs with a red casing that snaps with every bite are a fan favorite for state natives. However, a new contender has come and they might have what it takes to overpower the mighty red snapper. Fat Puppy Fusion in Brunswick, Maine, is bringing some gourmet hot dogs to the state and you just have to try them yourself to see just how good they are.

Fat Puppy Fusion in Brunswick, Maine, is a new contender to the historic Red Snapper. We encourage you to give it a shot and try some delicious gourmet hot dogs and see if they beat out the reigning champion of hot dogs in Maine. Let us know in the comments how much you loved these wonderful combos. For more information please visit the Fat Puppy Fusion website

While you are in Brunswick take a tour of a local Civil War Hero’s home and learn the story of the legendary Joshua Chamberlain.  

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Address: Fat Puppy Fusion, 86 Union St, Brunswick, ME 04011, USA