Wander Over The Water And Through The Woods On An Easy Trail At This Farm Preserve In Rural Maine

Getting outside in Maine is great no matter what the season and there are so many wonderful places to do it. We love coastal walks, but the wind can sometimes be challenging. Lakes are great, but these trails are often crowded and fussy since they’re so well-known. That’s why we love the trails located slightly off-the-beaten-path. Like this one!

Shepard’s Farm Preserve is a beautiful place to spend a day. You can learn more about it on alltrails.com or Maine Trail Finder.

And no matter the location, there are plenty of places to enjoy a hike that won’t take hours. Here are 12 amazing Maine hikes under 3 miles you’ll absolutely love.

Address: 139 Crockett Ridge Rd, Norway, ME 04268, USA