5 Disturbing Unsolved Mysteries In Maine That Will Leave You Baffled

We’ve loved giving you articles with stories of spooky ghosts and haunted houses. But, a few readers have commented saying that they just don’t believe in that sort of thing and we understand why. It’s hard to believe that the ghost of a bride will stop your car as you drive down Brownville Road. Or, that sending your student off to college might mean living with a ghost in their USM dorm. But, some scary stories from Maine are actually real. Unsolved mysteries can be the most spine-tingling, simply because they are real. Here are a few mysteries that unfolded in Maine. While some have finally been solved, some are still as much of a mystery as they were the day they happened.

For more stories of unsolved mysteries in Maine, check out this video:

Our hope is that each and every one of these unsolved cases are solved, giving peace and closure to the families and friends involved. What are the mysteries in Maine that have you losing sleep?