10 Reasons Why Stephen King Books Take Place In Maine

While we have quite a few claims to fame here in Maine (read this for info on some of our famous Mainers), Stephen King may just be our biggest. His terrifying tales set in fictional towns such as Derry and Castle Rock have been sending chills down the spines of book lovers throughout the world. But, of all places, why Maine? We know that King is a Maine native and that he calls Bangor home, but if his towns are fictional why not any other state? We don’t know for sure, but we have some theories. Mostly, we argue, why not? Maine can be ethereal, spooky and beautiful all at once. Here are some other reasons why Stephen King books may take place in Maine.

Whether or not these theories are true, there’s no question that Maine offers the perfect backdrop for chilling tales. Do have any other theories? Let us know on Facebook!