15 Fun Things to Do in Shreveport With Kids of All Ages

While many families may think about heading to the beach for a family vacation, Shreveport is actually a hidden gem for families with kids of all ages. From aviation to the zoo, the entire family can enjoy plenty of awesome attractions in Shreveport. If you’re on the hunt for some ideas, we’ve got you covered. We’ve featured some of our favorite family-friendly things to do with kids in Shreveport so you can start planning your amazing Shreveport getaway.

Best Things to Do with Kids in Shreveport

Shreveport has plenty of wonderful attractions that kids can enjoy, and who knows? You may just unlock an interest by exposing them to some of the natural areas, museums, and live performances in Shreveport. Check out some of these fabulous family-friendly spots in Shreveport and inspire the next generation:


Free Things to Do with Kids in Shreveport

We get it. A lot of kid-friendly attractions in Shreveport will cost you a pretty penny, but it doesn’t have to! With a little creativity and some pre-planning, you can find all sorts of free things to do with kids in Shreveport.

Things to Do with Kids at Night in Shreveport

Just because the daylight fades away doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop! Shreveport truly comes alive at night, and you’d be surprised at how many kid-friendly attractions there are in the evening. The kiddos will have a blast getting out the rest of their energy at one of these spots:

Best Things to Do with Teens in Shreveport

Teens are often the hardest age group to accommodate! Across the country, there aren’t many attractions specifically geared towards teenagers like there are for toddlers and kids under 10. If you’ve got a gaggle of teens in your crew, be sure to check out some of these spots.

What to Do with Toddlers in Shreveport

Exposing the youngest members of your family to the sights and sounds of Shreveport is a wonderfully enriching experience! Whether you’ve got a little animal lover on your hands or a tiny pilot in training, these are some of the best things to do with toddlers in Shreveport that’ll have them mesmerized.

And there you have it! Will all of these wonderful attractions, your family is sure to have an incredible time in Shreveport. On the flip side, if you want to come to Shreveport for a romantic getaway, check out some of our favorite romantic things to do in Shreveport.


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