The Most Intriguing Plantation In Louisiana Has A Chilling History

Louisiana has countless plantations peppered throughout the state, each with their own unique stories. This particular one has a fascinating, yet chilling history full of smugglers, buried treasure, murder, and one strong-willed woman who some believe remains at the plantation to this day in ghost-form. Whether or not you believe in hauntings, the tale of the Chretien Point Plantation is filled with intrigue.

Pretty amazing, right? Felicite Chretien lived a truly unusual life for a woman in this era, and the twists and turns of her tale make this a fun one to tell! The plantation is currently a private residence, but it did, at one point, operate as a bed and breakfast, and those lucky enough to have visited in the past swear her unrested spirit has never left, continuing to wander the hallways for well over a century.

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