Louisiana is no stranger to abandoned places. These 12 places throughout the state are as gorgeous as they are spooky! Some of them may not be standing anymore, but most of these abandoned places in Louisiana should jog your memory of when they were still functional.

As always, we’d like to remind everyone that visiting abandoned places can be dangerous and illegal. Many of these abandoned places in Louisiana are on private property and trespassing is illegal. You wouldn’t want to end up in the hospital (or worse, jail) so don’t go off exploring these places on your own.

If you thought those were hauntingly beautiful, check out these 10 photos of one of the creepiest abandoned places in Louisiana, Charity Hospital.

With any abandoned place, there’s bound to be a few ghost stories that come along with it. This haunted road trip through Louisiana will bring you to the front door of some of the most haunted places in the Pelican State. If you’re really brave, you may even want to book a night at The Myrtles, one of the most haunted hotels in Louisiana. Sweet dreams!

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Abandoned places in Louisiana

Can I visit any abandoned places in Louisiana?

While most of the abandoned places we mentioned above are off-limits to the public, there is a fascinating hiking trail in Louisiana that’ll lead you straight to several ammunition magazines left over from WWII. The Woodlands Conservancy is located in Belle Chase and there are both pedestrian and equestrian trails here, so feel free to bring your gentle giant along for an adventure. 

What is the most haunted place in Louisiana?

There are so many paranormal hotspots in the Pelican State, we’ve mapped out an entire road trip to some of the most haunted places in Louisiana. While the Myrtles Plantation certainly ranks high on the haunted list, we think that St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is the most haunted place in Louisiana. This historic cemetery is the oldest cemetery in New Orleans, and while you do need a licensed tour guide to go inside, you might end up seeing the ghost of the Voodoo Queen herself, Marie Laveau. 

Are there any haunted hotels in Louisiana?

Nestled in historic downtown Alexandria, Hotel Bentley is one of the most haunted hotels in Louisiana. The hotel was built in 1907 by Joseph Bentley, who is just one of the many spirits believed to have checked in but has not checked out. If you’re in the New Orleans area, a stay at the Hotel Monteleone might just come with room service by way of a supernatural experience. The hotel may be known for its famous Carousel Bar, but guests have been having paranormal experiences here for almost a hundred years. 

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