An Amusement Park Was Built And Left To Decay In The Middle Of Louisiana’s Largest City

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana and caused nearly 2,000 fatalities and $125 billion in damages, making it one of the costliest storms in United States’ history. Even though it’s been many years since Katrina, you can still see the destruction she caused. If you’ve ever driven along I-10 around New Orleans East, you may have noticed a theme park visible in the distance. This eyesore has been a bit of a black eye for New Orleans ever since the storm hit, completely destroying this once-cheerful amusement park.

Do you remember visiting Six Flags New Orleans before the storm? Share your memories with us in the comments.

Address: Six Flags Drive, Six Flags Dr, New Orleans, LA 70129, USA