12 Places In Kentucky That’ll Make You Wish You Lived Underground

Our state is beautiful from border to border, and that includes underneath the surface. We have what could be considered a Kentucky underground world, just waiting to be explored. The Bluegrass State sits atop the most massive cave system in the world, and it is not just a rocky desert down there. In fact, over the decades explorers have discovered some incredible cave rooms, each more spectacular than the last. Some of these caves contain underground rivers, which could make them a sustainable place to live. Travelers often used caves as a natural means of underground shelter.

Here are 12 places that will draw you into the Kentucky underground:

Mammoth Cave is mentioned several times due to the sheer size, along with the variety of unique caves and formations contained there. Carter Caves and Lost River Cave also offer beautiful experiences. One very positive aspect of the Kentucky underground is that it offers a unique sustainable environment, with a relatively consistent climate. As a matter of fact, the caves in Kentucky might be the only place in our state one can experience a consistent climate. Weather like we’re having now, I have to say a consistent temperature in a cave is appealing. What is your favored spot in Kentucky’s underground?

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