Trains Still Pass Right Through These 8 Kentucky Towns And You’ll Love The Nostalgia

Trains are universally interesting, thanks to their history, power and ability to transport us back in time. We’ve shared many places throughout Kentucky where you can ride a train or even learn about the history of the railroad in our state, but now we are going to go right to the spots where you can see trains in action on a regular basis. There are trains running all over Kentucky, through towns, countryside and mountains, but if you pay a visit to these 7 towns, you’ll find that trains still pass right through them and you’ll love the nostalgia.

If you love experiencing Kentucky history firsthand, then these 7 towns are a great place to start! What is your favorite train town in Kentucky? Which ones did we miss? We’d love to compile more, so let us know in the comments!

And for a chance to ride a train through Kentucky, check out some of our favorite opportunities here.

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