These 10 Terrifying Swinging Bridges In Kentucky Will Make Your Stomach Drop

Depending on how you feel about heights, a bridge can be exhilarating or terrifying. These swinging bridges in Kentucky take us back to a different era. It was a time when these precariously swaying manmade contraptions were the only way to cross the rivers and creeks. Most of these are in Clay County, and some are in horrible disrepair. A few have been preserved and are safe to stand on and soak up the scenery. Check the structure before stepping on.

Here are 10 swinging bridges in Kentucky that can make your stomach drop:

1. A walk across an old swinging bridge in Paintsville:


I love old bridges but have to admit, having one sway beneath me isn’t very comfortable. Many of our historic swinging bridges in Kentucky didn’t survive the journey through history and plummeted to the depths below. Have you ever been on a swinging bridge in Kentucky?

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