It is likely that nearly all of us have either fought for our country, or know someone who has. It is the same in every state. Because of this, we honor our Vets with monuments and the National holidays (Memorial Day and Veterans Day just to name two). For those of us looking for a way to show our gratitude, or to at least let these soldiers know their not forgotten, there are a number of beautiful monuments you can visit.

Here are 9 WWII monuments and a few military cemeteries from all across Kentucky:

I  found 7 WWII monuments scattered over our fair state, but there are also WWI and Civil War monuments. We also have millions of veterans that served loyally resting in peace throughout Kentucky. If there is not a memorial near by, visit an older cemetery. There will likely be soldiers among the tombstones, many with engravings barely legible, others with elaborate monuments covering their eternal resting place. The Zachery Taylor International Cemetery and Cave Hill Cemetery both have incredibly well maintained military sections, and flowers are always welcome.

If you have any photos of military monuments or gravestones you’d like to share, please do. Visiting and honoring the graves of the fallen is a great way to pay tribute to those that served our country.

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