Experience A Strange Phenomenon At Gravity Hill In Kentucky

The world is filled with unique and unexplained happenings that boggle the mind. One of the most common oddities to be merged with local legend is the concept of a gravity hill. A gravity hill looks like any other hill, but objects appear to roll up instead of down its slope. Not sure if you buy that such a place exists? There’s a gravity hill in Kentucky, so you can test the theory for yourself. Now, before you can dispute it, and say it isn’t so, take a moment to watch as this YouTube user takes us for a little ride up Kentucky’s own Gravity Hill. He takes the time to show even the gear shift for the convenience of any disbelievers:

Covington is not the only community that claimed to have a gravity hill in Kentucky. Princeton also boasted of a hill where both water and cars roll up instead of down the hillside. However, that area has since been disputed on film with several different videos.

As mysterious as this phenomenon is, these gravity hills in Kentucky do have a logical explanation. What onlookers see is merely an optical illusion! The landscape trips your brain into seeing a downhill slope as an uphill slope. You car may look like it is ascending a hill, but it’s actually rolling downhill as the laws of physics mandate.

And, even weirder than the existence of these oddities in Kentucky is the fact that there are actually hundreds of these hills across the globe. It can certainly be said that fact is stranger than fiction at times!

Can’t get enough of weird Kentucky? These additional baffling natural occurrences will leave you scratching your head!


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Gravity Hill In Kentucky

May 24, 2020

What are the weirdest things about Kentucky?

The Bluegrass State is full of surprises… and, fortunately, most of them are pleasant. As you’ve likely heard, crop circles aren’t entirely uncommon here. Local lore is full of references to bizarre occurrences like the blue people of Troublesome Creek, and the weirdest part of these stories is when you dig into them and discover that they are oftentimes rooted in fact. There are all sorts of unexplained happenings in this pretty place… and you never know what you will encounter with an open mind.

What are the weirdest places in Kentucky?

As we begin to explore the ins and outs of Kentucky’s oddities, we will stumble upon some weird places along the way. There are interesting natural places that almost seem to be from another world, but many of the weirdest roadside attractions in Kentucky are man made. We have our own miniature Stonehenge, a giant sinkhole in the floor of a museum, and the largest pair of underpants in the world. Yes, for real. You’ll find all sorts of unusual surprises in your travels across The Bluegrass State.

Does Kentucky have any natural wonders?

Our nickname is a nod to the natural environment of our state – Kentucky bluegrass is an abundant plant in this pretty and wide-open state. The state abounds with natural wonders, even though it’s not exactly a tourist destination. There are many worthy destinations here, including iconic natural landmarks like Mammoth Onyx Cave and the famous Natural Bridge. Here in Kentucky, adventure is always a short hike away… and you just might fall in love with our landscape during your visit.