This Strange Phenomenon In Kentucky Is Too Weird For Words

The world is filled with unique and unexplained happenings, one of the most popular being a Gravity Hill. A Gravity Hill looks like any other hill, but the force of nature takes it the opposite way it “appears” to be intended. We have this strange phenomenon in Kentucky as well, located in Covington.

Now, before you can dispute it, and say it isn’t so, take a moment to watch as this fine gentlemen takes us for a little ride up Kentucky’s own Gravity Hill. He takes the time to show even the gear shift for the convenience of any disbelievers:

Covington is not the only place in Kentucky that claimed to have a Gravity Hill, but it is the only place that hasn’t been debunked. Princeton also boasted of a hill where water and cars rolled up instead of down. However, that area has since been disputed on film with several different videos.

Despite what they say, not every strange occurrence has a logical reason behind it. A mathematician can discover a formula for many things, but Mother Nature will always have her favored tricks. Having this strange phenomenon in Kentucky just adds to the uniqueness of the state itself, in my humble opinion. Have you ever visited a Gravity Hill? What other unique phenomenon have you discovered in our fair state?