11 Charming Kentucky River Towns To Visit This Spring

Our state is beautiful in its entirety, but our Kentucky river towns hold their own unique kind of charm. There is something about being near the flowing waters that is just so relaxing in most cases. Springtime along the river fronts is a special time. We get to see new life in the form of budding plants, trees, baby ducks, geese, deer and all sorts of other baby animals. The visual blessings that arrive with spring in a river town are plentiful.

Here are 11 charming Kentucky river towns to visit this spring:

11. Concord

What is left of this small community sits right along the Ohio River, providing a breathtaking view of the big rolling river. There is not a lot going on, but Mother Nature still has plenty to see. The town was once featured on the old television series Route 66, but this is what it has become today:

Our Kentucky river towns were once the primary trade routes for merchants. Today, some trade is done, but our rivers are used mostly for recreation and fishing. The charm of these towns, or specific spots therein, offer a memorable experience.  What is your favorite river town in Kentucky?

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