This One-Of-A-Kind Quilt Tour Through Kentucky Is A Crafter’s Dream Come True

Kentucky is a great state for a variety of getaways. You can choose basically any interest or hobby and turn it into a vacation here in the Bluegrass State. We’ve created and shared several of our favorite unique road trips, featuring everything from wine and waterfalls to chocolate shops, but if you’re a lover of quilting and crafts, then this new one-of-a-kind tour is for you! Take a trip through Kentucky and visit the ultimate destinations for all things quilting and enjoy this crafter’s dream getaway.

This one-of-a-kind tour takes you to the best quilting destinations in Kentucky where you can learn, shop, and spend a few days enjoying this timeless craft. Are you a quilter who is ready to take this trip? Let us know! Don’t forget to tag your crafting friends in the comments!

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