This Bargain Hunters Road Trip Will Take You To The Best Thrift Stores In Kentucky

Everyone loves a good bargain, but what if you could spend a couple of days driving through Kentucky, checking out the best places to find one? If this sounds like the best time ever, then we have a road trip you’ll want to plan sooner rather than later. Our state has many thrift stores, flea markets, and vintage and antique shops – so many, in fact, that you could probably take a whole month off from work just to visit them all. But since no one has time for that, try this plan instead – the bargain hunters road trip that will take you to the best thrift stores in Kentucky.

Every single one of the six stops along this road trip are sure to provide just the buried treasure you were looking for – and what better way to travel around parts of Kentucky?! Are you up for this bargain hunters adventure? Let us know what you think, and tag a fellow bargain hunter in the comments who would love to join you on the trip!

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