15 Places In Kentucky That’ll Make You Swear You’re On Another Planet

It is not unusual to see a lot of beautiful photographs of Kentucky, because we are obviously favored by Mother Nature in the beauty department. However, there are also strange natural formations, places and events that can make you swear you’re on another planet. Each of these photographers captured a vivid image that can have you envisioning another time, space or even planet.

Here are 15 Kentucky photos that look like you are on another planet, or time zone:

As Kentuckians, we often recognize the unusual as just part of home. People who aren’t familiar with our national wonder, Mammoth Cave, or our gorgeous, flaming sunsets might feel they are on another planet when visiting. Realistically, we are all just visitors here for a time, so it is more fun to embrace the beauty, and the weird. Have you been anywhere in Kentucky that made you feel as if you were on another planet or in a different time?