These 13 Natural Arches In Kentucky Are Truly Fascinating And You’ll Want To Find Them

Kentucky has hundreds of natural sandstone arches, carved out by water and wind over the course of millions of years. Now we have the opportunity to explore these ancient geological formations, and view the surrounding landscapes from unique vantage points. This list only scratches the surface of impressive natural arches in Kentucky, but these are some of the most well-known.

These 13 arches are all worth the hiking it takes to get to them, but there are still a ton more natural arches in the state. To see a list of even more natural arches in Kentucky, click here. For more detailed instructions on how to get to these arches, visit the websites for Daniel Boone National Forest or Carter Caves State Resort Park and search for the trail you want to hike.

Has anyone ever been to these arches? What about ones that aren’t on the list?