You Haven’t Lived Until You Try These 11 Mouthwatering Restaurants In Kentucky

It is no secret that our state has some amazing food. Residents are blessed with quick access to a variety of wondrous places to enjoy traditional southern cooking, ethnic foods and unique fusion combinations. Visitors are often awed by the sheer volume of tasty choices offered by the vast selection of mouthwatering restaurants in Kentucky. Of course, bigger cities like Lexington, Louisville and Owensboro seem to have a restaurant or two every block in some areas. Smaller towns might have fewer actual choices, but rest assured, what you dine on will have powerful homemade flavor.

Here are 11 mouthwatering restaurants in Kentucky you’ll want to try, but not necessarily in this exact order:

A few weeks back we featured a list of great places to dine, and these are a few more mouthwatering restaurants in Kentucky. I know there are plenty of other amazing eateries out there, so what are your favorite places to get a great meal?