11 Mom & Pop Restaurants In Kentucky That Serve Home Cooked Meals To Die For

When going out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we all want the best food and service for our money. Sadly, this seemingly simple need is not always met at the higher end establishments. In most cases, you are a number at a table and the servers function much like robots, responding as if from a script to questions. If you want down home service, you have to go to a down home kinda place, like little diners we mentioned previously. We still find the mom and pop diners in Kentucky serve up home cooked meals with a smile.

There is just something about eating at a mom and pop diner in Kentucky that makes the meal taste better. Perhaps it’s the friendly service, making you feel right at home, or maybe it is the love they put into preparing each meal… Whatever the reason, the home cooked meals at these 11 mom and pop diners are absolutely mouthwatering:

The mom and pop diners in Kentucky are most certainly some of my favorites to dine at, and I look forward to our next trip out. The best places remind me of the meals we’d have when visiting our grandparents back in the day. The wondrous smells just waft out of the kitchen encouraging our stomachs to growl more loudly, despite the best efforts to conceal it. These 11 restaurants, along with the awesome diners covered in 2015 all make for a mouthwatering meal!