These 11 Restaurants Serve The Best Wings In Kentucky

It is always a sports season for something in the Bluegrass State, and what goes with sports? Wings!

Finding good wings can be an unfortunate challenge, depending on your location. This precious chicken part is often available, but can be dry, overcooked— or worse, it can appear to be from a mere chick. There are quite a few restaurants that serve up mouthwatering wings in Kentucky. When you locate one that impresses you, it is best to stick with them. There are chains like KFC that do chicken right almost anywhere. However, wings are special… so it is good to find a place that recognizes their worth and really does it right.

Here are 11 restaurants that serve up mouthwatering wings in Kentucky:

Wings and sports seem to go hand in hand, which makes finding mouthwatering wings in Kentucky so important. That small morsel of meat is one of the best bites on the entire bird. There is always Buffalo Wild Wings too, as they specialize in wings. Some of these places are smaller and more personable with their customers. What is your favorite place to get wings in Kentucky?