Spanning 61 Acres With 57 Rickhouses And 6 Sites, The World’s Largest Bourbon Distillery Is Hiding In Kentucky

Bourbon is a quintessential part of the Bluegrass; it isn’t just a Kentucky icon, it’s an inextricable, fundamental, celebrated part of the state’s culture and identity. Kentucky is world-famous for its bourbon, producing nearly 95% of the world’s supply of this spicy, sultry spirit. So it should come as no surprise that Kentucky is also home to the world’s largest bourbon distillery. In Bardstown, Heaven Hill Distillery is an epic bouton-distilling behemoth, boasting superlative stats and a storied history that’s an inextricable part of the Bluegrass bourbon narrative.

Editor’s note: The Heaven Hill Bourbon Experience is only a visitor center in Bardstown, Kentucky and does not include a distillery. Heaven Hill’s Berneheim Distillery is located in Louisville, Kentucky and is one of the largest single-site Bourbon distilleries. We are currently building a new distillery in Bardstown, Heaven Hill Springs Distillery, that will be as big as Bernheim Distillery at full capacity making 450,000 barrels per year each. We also have a distillery at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience in Downtown Louisville that makes one barrel per day. 

Have you been to Heaven Hill Bourbon Experience before? Did you know Kentucky was home to the world’s largest bourbon distillery? We have big love for our Bluegrass State bourbon.

Address: Heaven Hill Bourbon Experience, 1311 Gilkey Run Rd, Bardstown, KY 40004, USA

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