Housed In A Historic Horse Stable, Barn8 Is The Most Beautiful Farm-To-Table Restaurant In Kentucky

Kentucky is home to some extraordinary restaurants: Top-Chef level, bucket-list-worthy places that could compete with any of the country’s big-name players. Moreover, given the fresh bounty of the Bluegrass, our farm-to-table game is a standout, too. Out of all the restaurants in Kentucky, though, Barn8 is in a league of its own. Housed in a historic horse stable, Barn8 is an enchanting farm-to-table restaurant that offers guests an amazing, unrivaled, only-in-Kentucky experience.

From its incredible cuisine to its enchanting setting, Barn8 is a beautiful slice of the Bluegrass, offering diners an experience they can only have here in Kentucky. Learn more and set up a reservation by visiting the Barn8 website.

Address: Barn8 Restaurant, 10510 W Hwy 42, Goshen, KY 40026, USA