Make Spring Plans To Attend The Beautiful Dogwood Festival In Audubon Park In Kentucky

Spring is such a beautiful time in Kentucky. Our landscape comes to life with vibrant greens and other colors that paint our cities, towns, and countryside, which is especially lovely after a grey winter. There are many events throughout the state that celebrate the arrival of spring and one that is not only beautiful, but has historic roots, is the Audubon Park Dogwood Festival. This historic neighborhood in Louisville hosts a dogwood festival in Kentucky that features the colorful trees along its streets and honors tradition in the most beautiful way.

This area of Louisville is delightful all year long, but spring is particularly magical. Stroll through the Audubon Park Dogwood Festival in Kentucky and soak in the natural beauty of the season. Have you visited Audubon Park for this springtime tradition? Do you live in the area? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on the Audubon Park Dogwood Festival in Kentucky, visit the city’s website and also the event page on Facebook.

And for more flowering inspiration, check out Kentucky’s very own flower truck, which will make its way around again in the spring, summer, and fall.

Address: Audubon Park, KY 40213, USA