One of the best parts of the holiday season is all the twinkling, sparkling, Christmas lights that are arranged in intricate ways you didn’t even know were possible. The magical artistry that goes into some light displays really makes you feel like a kid again. With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to start getting into that holiday spirit, and we have a road trip to the best Christmas lights in Kentucky that is sure to do just that.

Below is the map of the road trip, but feel free to adjust it however you would like. If you don’t see your favorite light display on the trip, don’t fret. Check out our articles on the best light displays in the state, as well as the most magical Christmas towns. If you find a stop on one of those lists that you definitely want to visit, please feel free to add it on to this Christmas lights road trip in Kentucky. Now, get ready to check out some of the best light displays in Kentucky!

The stops on this Christmas lights road trip in Kentucky, (as well as the places mentioned in our other articles linked above,) are some of the most jaw-dropping light displays in the state, and you won’t regret visiting them. What other places do you love to visit for the best light displays in Kentucky? Let us know in the comments!

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Best Christmas Lights in Kentucky

What city has the best Christmas lights in Kentucky?

There are so many places in Kentucky to visit for incredible Christmas light displays. All of the towns and cities mentioned above are particularly festive during the holidays, and another place you'll want to visit is Ashland. Everything about this small Kentucky town becomes enchanting during the month of December and you can't help but be charmed by its festivities. Learn more about the best winter town in Kentucky and plan your trip to this charming Hallmark movie town!

What is the one best light display in Kentucky?

This is such a tough question, as there are so many over-the-top and unique things to do at Christmas in Kentucky that involve thousands of twinkling lights. Any of the displays mentioned above are some of the best, but another spot that deserves a visit is the display at the Creation Museum in Petersburg. Learn more about this enchanting winter walk in Kentucky.

What else can I do around the holidays in Kentucky?

The holidays are such a festive time in Kentucky. If you're looking for things to do at Christmas in Kentucky, of course check out one of the many light displays throughout the state. You can also visit with Santa, take a train ride, go ice skating, chase down frozen waterfalls, among many other exciting holiday adventures.