These Charming 12 Apple Orchards In Kentucky Are Picture Perfect For A Fall Day

There is nothing like visiting apple orchards in Kentucky during the heart of harvesting season. The fruits and produce are fresh, the atmosphere is beautiful, and the farmers are usually friendly and helpful. Many orchards let you pick your fruit straight off the trees or berries from the bushes, so you can choose your own. If offers a unique experience and a tasty aftermath as you prepare fresh, homemade goodies. Orchards also usually offer some homemade goodies of their own, such as pastries, pies, breads, cookies and occasionally ice cream.

We’ve included this directory of all the Bluegrass State’s orchards for your convenience, but here are 12 of our favored apple orchards in Kentucky:

If you are looking to really enjoy some of the fall benefits, experience the tasty delights of the apple orchards in Kentucky. They have so much more than just apples in most cases. You can enjoy a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other goodies. Harvest season is one of the greatest times of year in this farming state.

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