These 11 Candy Shops In Kentucky Will Make Your Sweet Tooth Explode

Sugar… as kids in Kentucky, and most everywhere else, we love it. Candy love can continue into adulthood. Some of us even learn the art of making sweets homemade, like our parents or our Grandparents. There’s such a variety of wonderful sweets we can choose from, including candies, chocolates, creams, and even sugar free sweets for diabetics. No matter the type of sweet you crave, Kentucky has a candy shop for you.

Here are the 11 sweetest sweet shops in Kentucky:

Just looking at some of these homemade goodies made me crave chocolate. Some of these Kentucky Chocolatiers and Candy Creators have been around for decades. The newer shops make such heavenly treats they’ve made lasting impressions in only a few years.  If you have enjoyed sweets from any of these shops, or have your own personal favorite, please comment.

Also, if this article causes anyone to break their diet, you have my sincere apologies… I bet it was worth it though.

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