10 Places In Kentucky Where You Can Get The Most Mouth Watering Pie

Most Kentuckians enjoy a good slice of pie, but finding something fresh can be a challenge. Going to the supermarket and picking up a frozen pie is completely different than something homemade. Supermarket deli pies often cannot touch the mouthwatering goodness of something baked fresh with a little love and good ingredients. Kentucky is blessed when it comes to good pie, as we have some restaurants that are dedicated to providing an incredible pie eating experience each and every time.

Here are 10 places to enjoy mouthwatering homemade pie:

These are just a few of the pie stops across Kentucky. I do not know each and every diner that serves delicious homemade pies in the Bluegrass State, but I’d like to. I know that everyone probably has their own favorite place to get fresh baked goods, and I’d love to hear about them. Mind you, this excludes Grandma’s house, as I’m sure she wouldn’t want us all showing up expecting fresh baked goods. That being said, what is your favorite homemade pie, and where is the best place to get it?

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