These 11 Donut Shops In Kentucky Will Have Your Mouth Watering Uncontrollably

The average continental breakfast in Kentucky consists of coffee and a donut. In most cases, only the average Krispy Kreme are provided. Granted they are good, but the smaller scale, family owned donut shops tend to put them to shame. The difference in quality and taste is likely because local shops put more love into the creation of their products then factories that mass manufacture. Food made with love is always so much better then things spit out by a mechanical contraption.

Here are 11 amazing donut shops worth visiting in Kentucky:

Most people really enjoy the occasional donut in Kentucky. If you happen to be one of us, then make sure and stop in at any of these shops when you are in the neighborhood. You will most likely not drive away disappointed. In fact, you might even decide to come back for seconds… and thirds, etc. I’ve got a fondness for chocolate frosted, custard filled, but I’ve experimented at a few of these. What is your favorite donut shop and specialty donut?

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