If you want a true taste of the Bluegrass, just visit one of our many Main Streets. Kentucky’s downtowns are simply the best; full of history, winsome beauty, and the most charming, delightful local shops and businesses. There’s nothing quite like wandering through a bustling downtown district in the Bluegrass, perusing locally owned shops, stopping into family-owned restaurants, and checking out some of the best small town shopping in Kentucky! These seven small towns in Kentucky have the most charming downtowns; visit and you’re sure to fall in love — and make some amazing memories, too!

What are your favorite downtowns in Kentucky to visit? Your top picks for the best small town shopping in Kentucky? If we missed your favorite Main Street in the Bluegrass State, be sure to nominate it and tell us why it’s so special!

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best small town shopping in kentucky

What are some locally owned stores for shopping in Kentucky?

There's nothing like supporting a local business, and the Bluegrass is full of #KentuckyProud establishments that celebrate the makers, growers, and entrepreneurs in our fine state! Bourbon Barrel Foods is a shop in Louisville, Kentucky, that produces a collection of all-natural, award-winning foods that embrace the history and proud culture of Kentucky's Bourbon Country. This isn't your standard spirits shop, however. With a tagline of "Eat Your Bourbon," this place takes bourbon to another level of culinary mastery. All of the items sold in the store are handcrafted in Louisville, Kentucky, using reclaimed (Kentucky) distillery barrels for smoking and aging, two processes that impart an unrivaled depth of flavor! Bourbon Barrel Foods is well-known for its bourbon-spiked sauces. From classic barbecue to ponzu and soy sauce, bourbon has a place in cuisine from all around the globe. Talk about the ultimate Kentucky-owned shop for Bluegrass bourbon enthusiasts!

Another spot for shopping in Kentucky that we love is Earth to Kentucky, a bootleg toy store that sells one-of-a-kind toys, collectibles, vintage throwbacks, and more. You're also sure to find those hard-to-find action figures and rare toys needed to complete your personal collection. What a fun spot for toy collectors!

Finally, we'd be remiss not to mention Butchertown Market in our praise of all things "shopping local" in Kentucky. This one-of-a-kind shopping market in Louisville has it all: antiques, locally made wares, Bourbon Barrel Foods swag (see above!), and so much more, all wrapped in an irresistibly charming package in one of the city's most historic neighborhoods.