The Kentucky Bakery In The Middle Of Nowhere That’s One Of The Best On Earth

There’s something about a small town bakery that has even more charm and appeal than its bigger city counterparts. Kentucky has many shops throughout the state that specialize in sweet treats and freshly baked breads, but there is one bakery that is not only set in the middle of nowhere—it also happens to be one of the best on Earth. Schlabach’s Amish Bakery can be found in the tiny town of Guthrie and if you haven’t stumbled upon it yet, you’ll want to seek it out after learning more about this delightful destination.

Schlabach’s Amish Bakery is a hidden gem in Kentucky that warrants a visit for a pie, cinnamon rolls, donut, or any of their other sweet and delicious offerings. Have you been lucky enough to enjoy a treat from Schlabach’s? Are there any other small town bakeries we should seek out? Let us know in the comments!

Schlabach’s Amish Bakery is located at 6225 Guthrie Rd., Guthrie, Kentucky 42234. For more information, follow along with them on Facebook here.

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