Watch The Sun Set And The Boats Go By At This Charming Riverfront Park In Kentucky

As the Ohio River runs along our northern border, there are many cities — both big and small — that are situated right on the water. Of course, this was an obvious choice for a location when waterways were so important to nearly every aspect of life, but we still appreciate a beautiful riverfront town today. Most towns on the river take advantage of this location for its locals with the addition of parks and walkways so the public can take in the views. In northeastern Kentucky, right on the West Virginia border, Ashland has truly made the most of its location. Its lovely riverfront park in Kentucky is ideal for watching the sunset as the boats go by and enjoying a relaxing time at this charming spot on the water.

We’ve featured Ashland before for its holiday festivities and underrated charm. So when you’re in the area, be sure to also check out this riverfront park in Kentucky that is home to incredible artwork and historic views that make this a memorable spot to relax. Are you from Ashland? Do you enjoy spending time on the river? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on Ashland and its features, visit the city’s website.

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Address: Port of Ashland, 50 15th St, Ashland, KY 41101, USA