There’s An Alpaca Farm In Kansas And You’re Going To Love It

When’s the last time you visited someone’s farm and got to spend time with the animals kept there? These cute and fluffy creatures are the perfect animals for anyone to visit, because of their gentle (and downright adorable) nature. This little alpaca farm in Kansas is the perfect place to go when you want a fun day out with not many people around. If you haven’t visited one before, now’s the time to consider!

Manna Meadows Alpacas is located at . Feel free to use the map below to find your way, and if you want to schedule a tour or learn more about the farm, check out their website right here or call them at (913) 461-5003.

If you want the feel of a farm for longer than a tour, you’ll love this overnight adventure where you can surround yourself with a beautiful ranch.

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