This One Easy Hike In Kansas Will Lead You Someplace Unforgettable

You have heard your out-of-state friends and family say it time and again…. Kansas is so flat and boring! There is nothing to see here but fields and highways. Back in *insert griper’s state here*, we have this, this, and this. Anyway, you get the picture! The next time these negative Nancys (or Neds) comes to visit our great state, be sure to take them on this one incredible and surprising hike that is sure to make them shut their mouths:

Welcome to the beautiful and unexpected Horsethief Canyon Trail; a two-and-a-half mile hike through Kanopolis State Park that takes you past a series of those “boring” native grasslands as well as magnificent sandstone bluffs, crevices, lakes, and intense canyons.

What else makes this trail so special, you ask? Why, it’s the stunning caves you’ll discover along the side trails, of course! Be sure to bring both your camera and hiking boots; you won’t want to miss seeing the caves up close.

Have you had the opportunity to hike to this memorable Kansas trail?

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