This Hike Will Lead You To One Of The Most Enchanting Spots In Kansas

Whether you are looking for some motivation to hike, enjoy hiking in order to discover beautiful new places, or are an advanced hiker who will take any excuse to get outside, you are going to love today’s trail, which will lead you through some of the most enchanting spots in Kansas:

Welcome to Elk River Hiking Trail; a 15-mile path through the Chautauqua Hills that leads hikers along some of the most scenic and surprising areas in the state. Named the “Best Hike in Kansas” by Backpacker Magazine and an “8 Wonders of Kansas” finalist by the Kansas Sampler Foundation, Elk River features dramatic rock canopies and chambers, mature trees, colorful wild flowers, and much more. In addition to all of these notable aspects, the trail is also home to a small, albeit charming waterfall that you won’t want to miss.

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