Trellis In Iowa Is A Secret Garden Restaurant Surrounded By Natural Beauty

The Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden amazes visitors with its gorgeous 14-acre botanical garden near downtown Des Moines. But, it offers more than stunning scenery. Inside you will find the garden restaurant, Trellis. This cafe serves delicious food that wows you with its fresh flavors. And there is nothing better than a yummy meal in a beautiful setting. So head over to Trellis today and enjoy the delicious food and lovely ambiance.

The food amazes at Trellis. And the garden scenery stuns all who visit. Wow your senses by making a reservation here today.  The Great Des Moines Botanical Garden offers visitors the perfect way to spend a day. And Trellis tops off your perfect day with a delicious meal surrounded by natural beauty. So start planning your visit by checking out the website for Trellis.

Address: Trellis, 909 Robert D. Ray Dr, Des Moines, IA 50316, USA