More Than A Flea Market, What Cheer In Iowa Also Has Food, Wine, Facepainting, And More

Ah, the joys of a flea market. Dozens of vendors, each selling their own unique wares. You might find a future beloved family heirloom – or your family’s own equivalent of the infamous leg lamp. That’s part of the fun, but at the massive flea market in What Cheer, you’ll find so much more than just antiques and knickknacks. Open three weekends a year, this massive festival is one of the most anticipated events in Iowa each year. The first two are the first weekends in May and August – but the third is on the final weekend of September and the first two days of October this year, and it’s just around the corner! So step right up and discover all the surprises this Iowa flea market has for you.

Have you been to the What Cheer Flea Market? Every day there is a little different, so let us know what you thought of this massive Iowa flea market in the comments. If you’re planning a visit, check out their website and Facebook page for all the details. Looking for more bargains? Why not take this crawl of Iowa’s best thrift stores?

Address: What Cheer Flea Market, 13061 170th St, What Cheer, IA 50268, USA