These 5 Classic Fish Fry Joints Are So Perfectly Iowa

When Lent comes around, observant Catholics abstain from eating meat on key days of observance as well as every Friday for the forty-day period. It’s a serious religious rite – but it also means that many restaurants bring out their best fish and seafood specials to make sure those observing can still stop by their favorite restaurant and find something great on the menu. Surely, the coastal states have more fish and seafood restaurants, but that doesn’t mean Iowa is left out in the cold. These five restaurants, ranging from humble fish shacks to one of the fanciest restaurants in Des Moines, serve the best fried fish in Iowa. Whether you’re looking for a place to eat during Lent or just love fried fish any time of the year, you won’t be disappointed by a visit to these locations.

Have you visited any of these restaurants to try their fried fish? Let us know about your visit, and tell us your pick for the best fried fish in Iowa in the comments section. Many places serve excellent fried fish in the Hawkeye State, even a southern-fried cafeteria.

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