Did you know there was an abandoned city sitting at the bottom of the Salamonie Lake? The city was established back in 1870 and it covered roughly 13 acres of land.

Unfortunately, the city was bulldozed because the area was prone to extreme flooding. In order to protect the area, the Salamonie Reservoir was constructed in the 1960’s. Everyone in the town of Monument City had to move and the city was destroyed. Once the reservoir was complete, what was left of the city was swallowed by the lake.

Anytime water levels are down, you can see little bits and pieces of what is left of this underwater ghost town of Indiana.

In 2012 Indiana suffered a pretty intense drought. The drought was so intense that it caused water levels to lower by dozens of feet. This revealed much of what is left of this Indiana ghost town.

Truthfully, there’s not a lot left of this underwater city. Some building foundations, grave headstones, dirt roads, and some bricks and stones. However, it’s still pretty incredible to see! Did you know Indiana had its very own Atlantis?

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