The Tropical Themed Restaurant In Indiana You Must Visit Before Summer’s Over

Indiana may not be a tropical getaway, but we definitely have some incredible tropical restaurants worth visiting. We have an amazing Key West themed restaurant that not only serves fabulous food – it also floats! If you’re looking for another amazing tropical restaurant in Indiana that will offer you a dining experience that feels like a vacation, check out this incredible spot. Matey’s in Indiana is a fun-filled place to dine with a one-of-a-kind atmosphere and menu that will transport you to the tropics.

Matey’s in Indiana is one of many fun-filled dining destinations in the state that is worth checking out. It’s bound to be a memorable meal that will transport you straight to the tropics. Will you be checking out this tropical, pirate restaurant in Indiana this summer? For more great summertime restaurants, check out this great list of waterfront restaurants.

For more information on Matey’s in Michigan City, visit its website here and follow along on Facebook here. The restaurant is open everyday from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m.

Address: 110 Franklin Street, Michigan City, IN 46360

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Matey's in Indiana

July 17, 2019

What are the best themed restaurants in Indiana?

Going out to eat is always fun, but a new level of excitement is added when you visit a themed restaurant. Some eateries go all out, like Matey’s in Michigan City, while others take a calmer approach to a theme. Throughout Indiana, you’ll find other tropical-themed restaurants, German restaurants, firehouses, music-themed spots, and some that pay a nod to a previous generation. You can see a long list of themed restaurants in Indiana here.

What are the best waterfront restaurants in Indiana?

With a shoreline in northern Indiana and plenty of lakes scattered throughout the state, there are many wonderful waterfront restaurants in Indiana. Lighthouse Restaurant on Cedar Lake is definitely one of the best options, and you can read more about it here. And for plenty of other options for waterfront dining, check out our list here.

What cities in Indiana have the best restaurants?

Indiana is filled with excellent places to eat, so it is difficult to choose just a few cities. Of course larger cities like Indianapolis will have the most choices, but vacation spots like Michigan City also boast amazing restaurants. Also don’t forget the small towns and college towns throughout the state that are hiding some of the best food in Indiana.