This Small Indiana Town Is One Of The Most Diverse Culinary Destinations In The U.S.

The Midwest isn’t exactly known for its exotic and/or unusual cuisine, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t still know how to serve up a darn good dish or two. On second thought, you know what? Maybe the Midwest is known for some of its culinary prowess; can you think of anyone else who does comfort food (like Indiana’s world-famous breaded tenderloin) better than us? Maybe not! As it turns out, there are lots of towns scattered all over the Hoosier State that are hidden gem paradises for foodies; some of these towns have so many restaurants that you’d probably need more than a week to try them all. One such town is the beautiful little locale of Carmel, located just outside of Indy. This foodie town in Indiana has so many eateries, bakeries, and restaurants, in fact, that you’re sure to obsess about for ages. Let’s take a look:

Carmel isn’t even the only ideal foodie town in Indiana; there are plenty more, and we’d love to know what your favorites are! Tell us about your favorite food towns (and of course all the restaurants you love there) in the comments!

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