The Pearl Ravine Is A Gorgeous Forest Trail In Indiana That Will Take You To A Waterfall

Some natural waterfalls are overwhelming, as the volume of rushing water creates a loud, powerful scene. Maidenhair Falls is not of those. And for that reason, it fits perfectly into the almost surreal surroundings of Shades State Park in Indiana. It still qualifies as a waterfall and is one of the attractions of the Pearl Ravine Trail, also known as “No. 2” among the 11 trails in the Indiana park. Just don’t expect to see a roaring phenomenon. Instead, appreciate the steady flow that creates the effect of misty, delicate strands of water.

Shades State Park is located near the town of Waveland, about 60 miles from Indianapolis and 17 miles southwest of Crawfordsville. It is considered one of Indiana’s underrated state parks, with a natural setting. The Pearl Ravine Trail starts at the trail to Lover’s Leap, with views of Sugar Creek. For more information about visiting the park, including the other 10 hiking trails, see the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources website.

Address: 7751 S 890 W, Waveland, IN 47989, USA