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Indiana is full of historical sites – and with history comes rumors and legends, particularly of paranormal activity. The Hoosier state has its fair share of believed haunted buildings and land, but there’s an Indiana hotel that easily takes the cake as not only the most haunted place in the state but one of the most haunted places in the country. Is the French Lick Resort haunted? Maybe… but we’ll let you decide.

Have you ever stayed at the French Lick Springs Hotel? If so, did you experience any weird activity at this haunted place in Indiana? What do you think — do you agree that it’s the most haunted hotel in Indiana? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

For more haunted spots throughout the Hoosier state, check out this epic paranormal road trip.

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most haunted hotel in Indiana

What are some other haunted places in Indiana?

Bookworms: take note! The Willard Library in Evansville is rumored to be haunted by "The Grey Lady" ghost. First sighted in the 1930s, the Grey Lady has been rumored to be spotted in this library dozens of times since. Police officers, library employees, and paranormal investigators have all confirmed sightings of this ghost. She's so popular she's got her own page on the Willard Library website. If you're looking for more haunted places in Indiana, you'll definitely want to tackle our Haunted Places Road Trip, which journeys to 10 of the Hoosier State's most notoriously haunted spots!

What are some creepy cemeteries I can visit in Indiana?

Like most states, Indiana has a rich history of old cemeteries that are rumored to be haunted. We’ve got a list of the creepiest cemeteries in Indiana for you if you’d like to check some out. Here's a sneak peek: it’s said that Batson Cemetery in Warren has a step that disappears on your way out! Greenlawn Cemetery in Vincennes is the oldest cemetery in Indiana at over 200 years old. Needless to say, it has a lot of history and a lot of stories to tell! And in Brazil, Indiana, you'll find the legendary 100 Step Cemetery. Rumor has it that there are 100 steps in this cemetery you can walk up. When you get to the top, the ghost of an old undertaker will show you how you will die. If you do not walk back down the steps, the ghost will push you down and you will die on the spot! Eek!

What are some ghost stories about Indiana?

Indiana is full of wild ghost stories, so if you're looking for some spooky tales to tell 'round the campfire, here's one regarding the Edna Collings Bridge. This is a place cloaked in death and tragedy. According to legend, a girl drowned near this bridge in the 1920s and another person was violently hanged there, as well. As a result of the violent deaths, there are evil spirits rumored to still lurk there. There have been many people who have claimed to be grabbed or pushed when near this fateful bridge. It is a pretty creepy place to go at night... we wouldn't recommend it!

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