This Indiana College Campus Was Named One Of The Top 10 Most Haunted Colleges In America

Haunted places are downright fascinating. Often paired with intriguing, if not tragic, history, it seems like no matter where you wander, you’ll find somewhere rumored to be home to a ghost or two. Indiana is host to plenty, including some that are quite a bit more famous than you’d expect. Take, for example, the University of Notre Dame; founded in 1842, it’s got a long history behind it, including its fair share of on-campus tragedies. As a result, it’s supposedly haunted, and not just kinda haunted. According to College Consensus, the University of Notre Dame isn’t just the most haunted college in Indiana – it’s one of the top 10 most haunted colleges in the entire United States!

What do you think? Is the University of Notre Dame among the most haunted places in Indiana? We think so! What other haunted places in Indiana would you like us to cover? Give us your suggestions in the comments; you might just see one featured someday! Craving more creepy Indiana? Maybe you should try braving this epic ghost town road trip!

Address: University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46556, USA