9 Undeniable Reasons To Visit One Of The Oldest And Longest Covered Bridges In Indiana

History abounds throughout the Hoosier State. If you’re struggling with where to find it, check out one of the nation’s longest covered bridges. Located near Medora, this incredible site is worth a trip from any corner of the state.

This list includes fun facts and smart reasons to plan a trip to this see the Medora Covered Bridge in Indiana. Check it out:

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Address: IN-235, Indiana, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Medora Covered Bridge in Indiana

December 06, 2021

Are there any other covered bridges in Indiana?

You bet! While the Medora Covered Bridge in Indiana is the longest, it’s not the only one worth exploring. Indiana’s covered bridges remind us of a simpler time, and visiting them is an experience that belongs on every explorer’s bucket list. Some other bridges to see include the Smith Covered Bridge, New Brownsville Covered Bridge, Rush Creek Bridge, Bridgeton Bridge, Shieldstown Covered Bridge, Cox Ford Covered Bridge, and Bean Blossom Covered Bridge. In fact, we love exploring covered bridges so much that we’ve even put together a covered bridges road trip through Indiana.

What are some hidden gems in Indiana?

While touring the top attractions of any given region is always a fun idea, sometimes it’s even more rewarding to uncover hidden gems. Here in Indiana, we’re lucky to have countless natural attractions, restaurants, historic sites, and more that fly under the radar. Some of the top hidden gems in Indiana include Ardmore Quarry in Fort Wayne, Roofless Church in New Harmony, Cowles Bog in Chesterton, Garfield Park Conservatory and Sunken Gardens in Indianapolis, Amish Acres, Backyard Roller Coasters in Bruceville, Minnetrista in Muncie, Wolf Park in Battleground, Friendship Botanic Gardens in Michigan City, Bosse Field in Evansville, and Jug Rock in Shoals. Curious to learn more? You can check out our full article: 11 Hidden Gems You Have To See In Indiana Before You Die.

Where can I go in Indiana that only the locals know about?

Are you ready to explore Indiana as a local would? Well, good news! We’ve pinpointed some amazing sites that only the local Hoosiers know about, and you won’t be disappointed. Some of these places include Rose Island in Charlestown, Coffee Creek Watershed Conservancy Preserve in Chesterton, Fifi’s Lunch Box in Terre Haute, Clayshire Castle in Bowling Green, Hardin Ridge Recreation Area in Bloomington, Shawn’s Southern BBQ in New Albany, the Gardens at T.C. Steele State Historic Site in Nashville, and Mounds State Park in Anderson. Learn more about these places in Indiana that only the locals know about.

Address: IN-235, Indiana, USA