The Story Behind Indiana’s Lost River Is Bizarre But True

Have you ever heard the story of the lost river in Indiana? It’s fascinating and true! There’s a river that rises around Vernon Township within Washington County that seemingly disappears for 23 miles. It’s beautiful, bizarre, and wonderful, and you’ve definitely got to see it to believe it.

Have you ever been to see the Lost River in Indiana? Did you know something this spectacular existed in our state? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Address: Indiana, USA
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Lost River in Indiana

June 25, 2021

How many miles of Indiana rivers are there?  

Indiana may not be the largest state in the nation, but it’s got an incredible number of miles of rivers flowing through it. Would you believe it if we told you that Indiana has an incredible 35,673 miles of river? It’s true! To put that into perspective, Indiana itself covers just 36,418 square miles – meaning we’ve got almost as much river as we’ve got land! The longest river in the Hoosier State is, of course, the Ohio River, with an impressive 981 miles spanning across six states. The Wabash River comes in second place, spanning an impressive 503 miles across Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.  

What is some strange natural phenomenon in Indiana?  

Indiana is more than just fields and corn; we’ve got our fair share of bizarre (but intriguing!) natural phenomena right here in our backyards! For example, did you know that there’s a hill in Indiana where gravity just seems to forget its job? Known as a “gravity hill”, this weird phenomenon is totally baffling upon first experiencing it. It sits tucked away in Mooresville, Indiana, and if you park your car at the bottom of the hill and put it in neutral, you’ll be amazed to see it roll…uphill? That’s right – it’s so weird that folks come from all over to experience it, and we can’t blame them. It’s not every day that you witness gravity forgetting how to do its job! Is it an optical illusion, or are strange forces at work here? Guess you’ll have to visit and find out! For more coverage on the bizarre gravity hill of Mooresville, check this article out.  

What are some unique places in Indiana? 

Indiana’s got plenty of places that are unique and totally unlike other spots you’ll find. Parke County, for example, is known as the “covered bridge capital of the world”, and you’ll find 31 different bridges to explore – some of which are rumored to be haunted. There’s also Jug Rock, a bizarre geological formation unlike anything else in the Hoosier State, which attracts a lot of attention from curious passersby on the nearby highway. In Muncie, you’ll find the Bob Ross Experience, which is a peek into the life and career of the beloved painter in the same studio he filmed and worked in. If you know where to look, you’ll find some highly unique places to fall in love with. 

Address: Indiana, USA