Caboose Lake Is The One-Of-A-Kind Campground In Indiana That You Must Visit Before Summer Ends

So, camping is fun, right? You go out to the woods, pitch a tent, set up a campfire, maybe go fishing, right? Right. But what if we told you there’s a campground in Indiana with much more than just the basics? What if we told you there’s a campground out here that’s like… the Disney World of campgrounds? Hoosiers, hold on to your hats – Caboose Lake Campground easily ranks at the top of the list of unique campgrounds in Indiana, and from the moment you arrive (okay, and when you browse their website), you’ll see the difference.

For the full details about campsites, amenities, and policies, as well as to book your reservations, make sure to visit the official Caboose Lake Campground website.

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Address: 3657 US-24, Remington, IN 47977, USA