Don’t Drive On These 10 Haunted Streets In Indiana… Or You’ll Regret It

Are you easily spooked? If so, you’re going to want to avoid these 10 haunted streets in Indiana. Or maybe you’re feeling brave enough to venture down them anyway. Face your fears… at your own risk.

1. Tunnelton Tunnel

Legend has it there is an apparition of a decapitated man floating around this tunnel. He supposedly lost his head when the tunnel was being constructed. Many reports say that the ghost appears to be trying to find his head. Legend also says that there was a graveyard on top of the tunnel, and during construction some of the bodies fell through. There is even a third legend that claims an entire family was killed in a horse and buggy accident near this tunnel and you can hear the family screaming. Yikes.

2. The Avon Bridge

The Avon Bridge can be found just half mile south of U.S. Highway 36 on CR 625. This bridge is actually pretty well known as one of the more haunted places in the state of Indiana. The bridge is rumored to be haunted by several different ghosts who can be heard moaning and crying on the bridge. Legends say there was a construction worker named Henry Johnson who liked to drink. One day, while working, he slipped and died hitting his face on wet cement. Ouch.

There is a second story about a woman who was carrying her baby on the bridge when her foot got caught on the track. A train was coming and she managed to get free and jumped off the bridge. The mother lived, but the baby died. The mother died shortly after due to the grief of losing her baby. Both the mother and the baby are believed to haunt the bridge.

8. Dogface Bridge

There are a lot of spooky legends that revolve around this bridge. For starters, there are stories of a honeymooning couple in the 1950’s who were driving when a dog ran in front of their car causing them to drive right off the bridge. Reports have been made of all sorts of things, but one of the most prevalent ones is a female ghost with a dog head howling and growling at people. There are reports that the bridge is no longer there, but the area is still haunted.

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