Are you easily spooked? If so, you’re going to want to avoid the 10 most haunted roads in Indiana. Or maybe you’re feeling brave enough to venture down a haunted road in Indiana. If you’re the type to search “haunted road near me,” here’s a great opportunity to face your fears … at your own risk.

Have you been to any of these haunted roads in Indiana? Maybe you can think of a haunted road in Indiana that we forgot about? Or, maybe you know of some haunted bridges in Indiana?  Whatever it is, tell us! And remember to share this with your friends and start planning some road trips!

These haunted roads in Indiana aren’t the state’s only spooky spots. There are several others, which you can explore by embarking on this road trip to Indiana’s most haunted places. Before you embark, make sure to take a look at our ultimate road trip packing list so you don’t forget anything you may need.

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Haunted Roads In Indiana

What are the creepiest cemeteries in Indiana?


When looking for a good scare, exploring the most haunted roads in Indiana isn’t the only option. There are also several haunted cemeteries in Indiana. One of the most notorious is the 100 Steps Cemetery, which is located in the unincorporated community of Cloverland near Brazil, Indiana. Often touted as the most haunted cemetery in Indiana, there are several tales linked to the spooky spot. First, there’s the “missing step” story. According to legend, upon arrival, visitors should ascend the cemetery’s steps, counting each one aloud. Once the top is reached, the process should be repeated on the way down. The totals of the steps won’t match, which, many believe, is some type of supernatural force at work. The second legend associated with the cemetery is a bit creepier. In this version, visitors again ascend the staircase, counting on the way up. However, in this account, once at the top, visitors turn around only to be faced with the ghost of a caretaker, who will, according to legend, reveal the manner in which the visitor will die.

Are there any ghost towns in Indiana?


Local haunts aren’t the only eerie spots in the state. There are also several ghost towns in Indiana that are sure to send chills down your spine. Of all the deserted towns in the state, none are quite as notorious as Elizabethtown. During its heyday, Elizabethtown was home to a thriving flour mill and sawmill. However, the town’s economic stability didn’t last long and it slowly dwindled away over the years. Today, all that remains of the town is a cemetery, making it easy to see why Elizabethtown is often billed as the creepiest ghost town in Indiana.

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