When you think of Indiana, tunnels aren’t exactly what comes to mind. The terrain here doesn’t call for cutting through mountains, and many Hoosiers drive around the state without ever experiencing one at all. However, Indiana does have a decent number of them, including the unique Big Tunnel in Tunnelton. This is one of the creepiest places in Indiana, so let’s check out why:

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Big Tunnel

How many bridges and tunnels in Indiana are there?  

There aren’t many tunnels left in Indiana – only one or two – but when it comes to bridges in Indiana, the number is significantly more absurd. We hope you’re sitting down for this: there are more than 18,900 bridges in Indiana, many of which are still in use today. If you’re interested in IN bridges, you might want to visit Parke County, which is quite literally known as the “covered bridge capital” of the world! There’s also a covered bridge festival, but we’ll talk more about that in a moment.  

Where is Tunnelton Indiana?  

Tunnelton is an “unofficial” small town in Indiana located in Guthrie Township, which is found in Lawrence County. It was platted back in 1859 and, before that, the land had been platted by Tunnelton United Methodist Church in 1816. Needless to say, this little place goes way back, though nowadays it’s mostly famous for being the location of one of the most haunted places in Indiana 

Which small towns in Indiana are the best for people interested in bridges?  

It seems like almost every small town in Indiana is gonna have a bridge or two (or fifty, what with there being 18.9k bridges all over the place). One of our favorite bridge towns in Indiana is Bean Blossom, an adorable little township with plenty to do, see, and experience – plus, a beautiful covered bridge. As we mentioned above, Parke County is the covered bridge capital of the world, with more than 30 bridges scattered all over. Towns like Rockville, Indiana hold the annual Covered Bridge Festival, and towns like Mansfield are delightful locations for day trips in Indiana. We’ve also gone and created some delightful covered bridges road trips in Indiana, and you can’t miss a day spent at Brown County State Park while you’re at it.  

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