These 9 Drive-In Theaters In Indiana Will Give You An Unforgettable Viewing Experience

Few things are more exciting than taking a trip to the movie theater. What about taking a trip to a drive-in instead? Not as popular or as plentiful as they used to be, but there are still tons of drive-ins scattered throughout Indiana. In fact, here are nine different drive-ins you could consider going to.

1. Tibbs Drive-In

Tibbs Drive-In is the name of a family owned drive-in theater located on the southwest side of the city of Indianapolis. Did you know this is one of the last remaining drive-in in Indianapolis? The sound from the movie will broadcast through the speakers of your vehicle using your FM Radio. There is a concession stand and you get to enjoy TWO movies for the price of one. You can even switch screens after the first movie if there is a movie you would rather see playing on a different screen. You can visit their website for current show times and prices.

2. Starlite Drive-In

The physical address of StarLite Drive-In Theatre is 7640 S.Old State Road 37, Bloomington, IN. This particular drive-in has been in business since 1955.

3. Auburn Garrett Drive-In


Just like Tibbs Drive-In, you get to enjoy two moves for the price of one at the Auburn Garrett Drive-In. Like many of the drive-ins in Indiana, this one also opened their doors in the 1950’s. The physical address of this drive-in is 1014 State Road 8 in Garrett, Indiana. You can follow their Facebook Page to keep up with current showings and prices.

4. Georgetown Drive-In

Georgetown Drive-In is a drive-in theater in Georgetown, Indiana a lot of people just don’t know about. They have a 2 screen drive-in, they only take cash, there are two playgrounds, and a retro concession stand. This theater has also been in business since the 50’s.

5. Huntington Drive-In

The physical address of this drive-in theater is 1291 Condit St, Huntington, IN. It is recognized as one of the oldest standing drive-ins in the state of Indiana. Recently purchased by new owners, it is technically now called “Goodrich Quality Theaters.”

6. M.E.L.S. at the Starlite Drive-In Theater

This classic theater is located at IN-39, Thorntown, IN. It plays double features like many of Indiana’s drive-in theaters and has a concession stand too.

7. Melody Drive-In Theater

The physical address of this theater is 7055 US-35, Knox, IN. It is a seasonal drive-in that has two outdoor screens and typical concessions. Most of the locals like to talk about how delicious the concessions are at this drive-in.

8. Skyline Drive-In

You can find this theater at 3986 E Michigan Road in Shelbyville, IN. It also features double feature films. What makes this theater unique is that you can bring your pets with you!

9. Holiday Drive-In

The physical address of this drive-in is 161 & W. State Road 66 in Rockport, Indiana. Did you know this is actually the largest drive-in in the state of Indiana? It has 5 screens and a capacity for 1,000 vehicles.

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